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28 January
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Naked Male Selfies




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30 December
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Sketchy Sex

Eli hadn’t left the house in a few days. Countless strangers came in and out. He couldn’t get enough cum in him, and by this point, one dick at a time, just wasn’t enough. When I walked in there were two thugs raw fucking him.

Doing it like animals! Spitting and licking each other everywhere. Pre-cum was dripping down Eli’s mouth. He had this crazy look on his face, and couldn’t seem to get their big dicks far enough in him.

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08 June

Cum Eating Men








Seth Chase

Walker Michaels & Shane Stride walk through the door, and without saying a word, drop their pants and shove their cocks down my throat.
This is pretty much a fantasy come true. Two hot straight dudes fucking my face and popping their loads off in my mouth. Seriously, could it get any better?
I switch back and forth between Shane and Walker’s cocks. I’m so turned on that my boner is poking through my pants. I whip out my dick and stroke myself as I’m sucking both cocks.
I can sense that Shane is going to bust first. I position myself just right and Shane lets his load fly. Most of his cum pools on my tongue. He squeezes his shaft and drops of semen drip down adding to the cum collection. I get a good taste of Shane’s cum, then swallow. I take Shane’s cock back in my mouth to make sure nothing is wasted.
Watching me swallow Shane’s cum really gets Walker going. With some of Shane’s load still in my mouth, I suck on Walker’s pulsating cock. Walker starts spurting cum all over my mouth.
I rub his cum dripping cock on my lips slurping the jizz into my mouth and down my throat. Once I’m sure Walker’s cock is completely drained of cum, I take the little bit of jizz from both guys that landed on my chin and smear it all over my cock.
Mixing cum from two straight dudes and using it as lube is fucking amazing! I stroke my Dick and shoot a massive load. The first stream of cum shoots across the room and I make a giant mess of the carpet below.
I’m coated with straight man cum, inside and out. Walker and Shane are both about as happy as a straight guy can be after feeding a gay dude their loads. Lets just say they were all smiles!
These types of videos, where we get right to the action and get to the load(s) as fast as possible, are definitely my favorite. After taking back-to-back loads from both Walker & Shane, I’m planning on getting as many guys together as I can find, lining them up and taking load after load after load. Stay tuned!

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21 July

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Adam Russo XXX

This married man who will remain nameless had seen me in videos for various studios. He was eager to have sex with me even though he was straight. He said he always had this fantasy of being submissive to a masculine hairy man…well that I am. How could I say no? I definitely put him through his paces…for a straight guy he sure knew how to suck dick…hmmmm his first time?

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